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Our Food

  • Do you cater to vegans and vegetarians?

    Yes. We have a ton of options that are plant-based and/or meat-free. Take a look at the Nitty Gritty  details. Please don’t drool on it.

  • What is your vegan ‘chicken’ made from?

    It’s a textured plant protein. Made from soy. With love.

  • What are your Gluten Free options?

    You can click over to our Nitty Gritty to see our low-gluten menu options. They do not include gluten-containing ingredients however there may be traces of gluten found due to the food handling process.

    Our menu and processes are constantly evolving with the introduction of new ingredients. While we continue to separate gluten from non-gluten containing ingredients, our kitchens are open plan and our service is fast-paced, so we cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contact between ingredients during the food handling processes and on food preparation areas. We, therefore, do not use the term ‘Gluten Free’ on our menu.

  • I have food allergies. Can I see what menu items are suitable for me?

    You can see our Nitty Gritty information.

    For any further allergen questions, please contact

  • Can I see the nutritional & allergen information?

    You can view our Nitty Gritty information here.

    For any other nutritional questions, please reach out to

  • Is your meat Halal?

    Many of our meat suppliers have Halal certification. However, our kitchen is not Halal certified. Please see our Allergen & Dietary Guide for halal-suitable menu items.

  • Do you offer catering?

    Definitely. Check in with our catering crew here.

  • Can I customise my order?

    We don’t want anyone missing out on a fast, fresh Vietnamese feast. If you want to request a few adjustments, we recommend customising your order via our free Roll’d app. That way, it lands directly with our kitchen team. Schedule the order for pick-up. Then congratulate yourself on winning at life.

Online Ordering

  • Can Roll’d deliver?

    Absolutely. We get it – some days, you just want to binge Netflix and smash down a dozen Lemongrass Beef Soldiers with no pants on. Lucky for you, ‘deliver’ is practically our middle name.

    Click here to order directly from us. Or hit up our mates at DoorDash, UberEats, Deliveroo and/or Menulog.

  • What are the delivery fees on your website?

    Our delivery fees vary depending on your location but as a general rule it’s $8 within 3km, $10 between 3-5km, $12 between 5-7km and $14 for 7-9km. Fees are automatically calculated based on location service mapping and cannot be altered.

  • If I have a delivery issue, who do I contact?

    For orders through or the Roll’d app, fill out our contact form here . Or call the store directly.

    For issues on orders from a delivery partner – UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo or Menulog – you’ll need to contact them through their native app. Or get in touch online.

  • Can I place orders in advance?

    Yes. Sure can. Just choose the ‘Click & Collect’ option when ordering online here. Or through the Roll’d app, downloadable here.

  • I want to cancel my delivery, but I’ve already submitted the order. What do I do?

    To ensure orders are made as fast and as fresh as possible, all delivery orders are sent directly through to the store. That makes cancelling a little challenging. We recommend calling the store directly to cancel an order. Find store details here.

    If you want to cancel an order with a delivery partner (UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo or Menulog), check your confirmation email for the means to contact the partner directly. Just note that cancelling may incur a fee.

Roll’d App

  • How do I download the Roll’d app?

    Easily. And in just a few taps. Head to the App store  or Google Play and follow the prompts. BYO appetite.

  • I’m having issues with the app. Can Roll’d help?

    We’ll rescue you. Contact us here for technical support. We’ll follow up as soon as we can. Screenshots of the issue fast-track the solutions, so please provide these wherever possible.

  • Does the Roll’d app allow delivery?

    Yes! You can order direct delivery via our app or online web ordering platform. You can also skip the queue order ahead for pick-up.

  • My order has not been received by the store, but I’ve been charged. What do I do?

    This is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. If it does, submit the following details over at Contact Us and our team will promptly get in touch:

    Name used in the app. Email used in the app. Purchase store. Date & time of purchase. Invoice # (in the receipt emailed to you after ordering).

  • I made a mistake in my order. Can I cancel and get a refund?

    You can cancel your order within 10 seconds of being placed. Once it has been accepted by the store, refunds are at the discretion of the store’s team. Please speak to the store directly.

  • The app says the restaurant is not available, or that it’s closed. What do I do?

    In rare cases, stores may choose to temporarily pause receiving orders during a busy lunch/dinner rush. We recommend giving the store a call directly locations are here. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us here.

  • I receive a promo code for the Roll’d app. Can I redeem it in person?

    No. App-based promo codes can only be redeemed via the Roll’d app.

Our People

  • I’d like to join the Roll’d family. How can I apply?

    Good choice. We like you already. You can take a look at all our current opportunities over at our Careers page here.

  • I’m interested in opening a Roll’d franchise. Where can I find more information?

    Nice one, goal chaser. All Australian and global franchising details are over at Franchise.

  • I’d like to sit down with Roll’d’s founder, Bao Hoang, for an interview. How do I contact him?

    For all press or interview requests, please submit a Media Enquiry here.


Franchising Process

  • How do I become a Franchise Partner with Roll’d?
    1. You register your interest. Our team endeavours to contact you within 48 working hours.
    2. We attend an initial online catch-up to get to know you better and assist you with basic information about Roll’d franchising. You fill out an online application form and non-disclosure agreement.
    3. Time to learn more about our franchise model and what it takes to become a Roll’d Franchise Partner while exploring suitable opportunities.
    4. You have access to Roll’d Data Room which has all information that you need to conduct your own due diligence. Meanwhile, we assess your suitability as a Franchise Partner.
    5. We send you an Offer to Franchise.
    6. You accept the Offer and transfer a $10,000 deposit.
    7. You attend an approval interview. Once successful, we grant you with a final approval.
    8. We enter legal contracts.
    9. You commence training while your dream store is under design & construction.
    10. Store opening. Congrats! You’re officially a Roll’d Franchise Partner.


  • How much cash contribution do I need to start with?

    We suggest 35%-50% cash contribution of the total investment.

  • Can Roll’d help me with finance?

    Roll’d is able to assist you by putting you in touch with preferred banks and lending brokers who fully understand our business and have assisted many of our current franchise partners.

  • How much does a store cost?

    This is dependent on location, size and design your store and can range between $400k to $550k plus GST (AUD).


  • What kind of support do I receive?

    The Franchise Team will be with you from the start to assist you through the Roll’d Franchise process and over arching requirements until your store opens.

    The Property team will get work with you to source the right location, lease requirements, shop build etc.

    The Operations and Training team will support you in aligning with Roll’d process and policies as well as training and recruitment

    The Marketing team will assist you with all aspects of marketing your franchise from local store requirements through to digital marketing.

    The Roll’d Support Office Team will be with you the whole way from the moment you express interest through to the life time that are a Roll’d Franchise.



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