Our Story


It started with (our founder) Bao’s insatiable appetite for his mum’s rice paper rolls. She’s been making Vietnamese food since forever. Just like her mum did. And her mum. And hers. And hers.

As an adult, Bao craved more – but not to eat. To share Mama Hoang’s established techniques; her family’s inherited recipes, tried-and-tasted over generations. To deliver the same crust-crunching, noodle-slurping, sauce-squeezing, flavour-popping, lip-smacking experience to Aussies, hungry for adventure. And since 2012, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

But even after 125+ store openings, we’re still the same family. The kind that believes in crowding twelve people around a table meant for six. We’re for elbows on the table. Sauce on the chin. Going back for seconds, thirds, fourths. Even fifths. Fast, fresh Vietnamese food is what we do. But family – yours and ours – is who we do it for.

Franchise Global Bao
The Three - Team


To help roll out fast, fresh Vietnamese across Australia, Bao enlisted two co-founders. The first: Ray Esquieries. A former school friend of Bao’s, Ray played in the corporate crowds. With the suits to prove it. After talking with Bao, Ray swapped banks for Bún. And became our Operations guru.

Tin Ly was next. Having grown up behind the counter of his family’s Vietnamese bakery, Tin was backed by a lifetime in hospitality. But he also brought another specialty to the table: the Banh Mi, Ly-family style. It’s still one of our best-sellers today. 

Three co-founders, inspired by one purpose. A trio that took the leap. And it worked. On the opening day of the first Roll’d store, Mama Hoang’s famed rice paper rolls sold out. In 90 minutes.


Everything we do is made with love. Not the commercial kind of love. Real love. A family kind of love. Love that transcends generations. A love for people, for food, for heritage.

We embody the practised skills from our culture – perfected over centuries – every time we roll a Soldier®. Or load up a Bánh Mì. Or stir up a Phở. Our past is what built our present. And it is what inspires our future.

Girls With Herbs

face down, bowls up.
that's the way we like to Phơ

Roll'd Bun

Food is everything to our family. It’s what we laugh, cry and bond over, and have done so since we were kids.



Zinging dishes that you can’t make at home? Punch in your postcode. Let’s find you a fast, fresh Vietnamese feed.