Social Impact

a business with a purpose.



Family. Food. Safety. Life essentials that we are lucky to have. Basics that are unimaginable to live without. And that’s a reality for thousands, even millions, every day. But it doesn’t have to be. With our influence, our resources, our connections – we can help. And we are.

We are proud to partner with several reputable charities. The kind of organisations that turn ideas into initiatives. Talk into action. Action into lasting change. We want to share the support we’ve received. And strengthen the communities that need it most.

No, Roll’d can’t transform the world. But we can transform one person’s world. Again and again. Across the planet.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

blue dragon


From homelessness to human trafficking, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is an Australian-run charity that rescues children in crisis. To support this incredibly important work, we regularly organise fundraising events and donate our own contributions. To date, we’ve raised over $200,000 for various Blue Dragon Children’s Foundations projects. For the details, find out more below.


Know One, Teach One

In 1999, Vietnamese-Australian and seasoned hospitality pro Jimmy Pham launched a unique culinary training centre – named KOTO – in Hanoi. Its purpose: to give at-risk youth the chance to escape a crushing poverty cycle.

An acronym for ‘Know One, Teach One’, KOTO is a unique not-for-profit built on the idea that knowledge is meant to be shared. It was the first legally recognised social enterprise in

Vietnam. And with a 100% post-graduate employment rate, the program has enriched the lives of more than 1,000 disadvantaged Vietnamese youths.

OnePlate Logo

one plate

foodies for impact

A social enterprise enabling restaurants to make a difference through the food we serve. (And that you eat). On selected menu items, $1 is donated to OnePlate every time you order. 100% of the donation goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries. From rooftop gardens to fruit & nut orchards. It’s about making a difference, one plate at a time.