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terms & conditions.

Roll’d Australia – Website Terms of Use

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Severance: If a provision of these Terms is held to be void, invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision must be read down as narrowly as necessary to allow it to be valid or enforceable. If it is not possible to read down a provision (in whole or in part), that provision (or that part of that provision) is severed from these Terms without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remainder of that provision or the other provisions in these Terms.

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Roll’d Australia – Whistleblower Policy



Roll’d places great significance on its commitment to corporate governance and compliance in all aspects of its company. This involves a culture of the utmost level of ethical and moral behaviour, adhering to the rules and regulations imposed by statutory obligations through this policy.

In line with this commitment and culture, while Roll’d does not fall within the ambit of the new legislative changes regarding compulsory Whistleblower Policy changes for large proprietary companies, Roll’d has taken the initiative to subscribe to and comply with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Act 2019 to facilitate a culture of the utmost level of ethical and moral behaviour.

This Roll’d Whistleblower Policy has been implemented to address issues and concerns which relate to malpractice, misconduct, conflicts of interest and internal controls with the intention of ensuring compliance with new laws and regulations applicable to Roll’d and to address potential concerns likely to arise in the workplace relating to the aforementioned conduct.


This policy applies to all current and former directors, company secretaries, officers, employees, volunteers, students, contractors, and suppliers (and employees of suppliers and contractors) of Roll’d. Further, its scope also extends to relatives, dependents or dependents of spouses of any of these people.


The objective of this Roll’d Whistleblower policy is to:
Encourage and allow for all employees to disclose any malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest which may arise throughout their time in the company;
To safeguard and protect all employees who decide to report allegations of potential malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest in the workplace; and
Certify that any allegations made are thoroughly and appropriately investigated with appropriate action to be taken against the allegation.


Reportable conduct – anything a whistleblower has reasonable grounds to suspect malpractice, misconduct, or a conflict of interests in relation to Roll’d and its operation.
Management Team – two of any of the following; Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Board Chair, and the Managing Director having responsibility for the department in which the alleged improper conduct occurred.
Disclosure – claims or allegations by a whistleblower under this policy based on reasonable grounds that are made in accordance to the pre-conditions in Provision 6, Protection of the Whistleblower.
Disclosure and Investigation Officer– the Disclosure and Investigation officer shall be the General Manager of Francom HR at the time of Disclosure being made.
Reasonable grounds – the objective test which must be adhered to whereby a reasonable person in possession of the information would form or is likely to form the belief that improper conduct has
occurred. Evidence to support such a belief is crucial and mere suspicion is not sufficient without reasonable grounds for the allegations.
Whistleblower – a person within the scope of this policy who has made a disclosure that qualifies for protection under the Corporations Act.


Protection is afforded to a whistleblower by Roll’d at all times against any adverse employment actions (this includes but is not limited to dismissal, suspension, penalties, demotion, harassment, or other forms of abuse or discrimination) which may occur following the reporting of allegations of malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest. In accordance with the policy and the relevant law, all whistleblowers are protected from any adverse employment actions even if any or all allegations made prove to be incorrect or unsubstantiated following the investigations of the alleged conduct.
All employees must be aware that if an employee makes a false report maliciously, deliberately, or for their benefit or personal gain, that employee could potentially face serious disciplinary action.
For the avoidance of doubt, please note that the purpose of this policy is not to address general employment complaints and grievances in the company. Rather, it is intended to address situations of malpractice, misconduct, or conflict of interest.
A non-exhaustive list of some examples of reportable conduct amounting to malpractice, misconduct or a conflict of interest is below:

acts or omissions in breach of the Commonwealth or State legislation or local authority by-laws;
any conduct which may cause financial or non-financial loss to Roll’d or be otherwise detrimental to the interests or reputation of Roll’d, or any of its employees;
oppressive behaviour;
grossly negligent behaviour;
discrimination, vilification, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation;
illegal activities (including theft, drug sale/use, violence, threatened violence, or criminal damage against Roll’d assets/property);
serious improper conduct (including gross mismanagement, serious and substantial waste of Company resources, or repeated breaches of administrative procedures);
the deliberate concealment of information tending to show any of the matters listed;
unethical behaviour; and
unsafe work practices;
Protection of the Whistleblower

Whistleblowers who disclose information regarding misconduct, malpractice or conflicts of interest within Roll’d are protected by The Corporations Act.
In accordance with this, the Roll’d Whistleblower Policy aims to protect the whistleblower against any reprisals, provided that the whistleblower identifies himself/herself, and the submissions are:
made in good faith and without intentionally false allegations or malice;
based on the whistleblower’s reasonable belief that malpractice, misconduct, or conflict of interests, or concern related to the malpractice, misconduct, or conflict of interests constitutes, or may constitute a material violation; and does not result in any directly correlated personal gain or advantage for the whistleblower following the reporting of the claim or at any stage thereafter.
Any disclosure made by a whistleblower in accordance with the above will not result in any reprisals or threat of any reprisals against said whistleblower, unless the whistleblower is a participant, or has participated in the prohibited activities about which the complaint is made.
In circumstances where the whistleblower has also engaged in the prohibited activities, the decision to make the complaint will likely only affect the extent of the disciplinary measures (if any) that may eventually be taken against the whistleblower. This means that Roll’d and its directors , officers, employees and agents will not penalise, dismiss, demote, suspend, threaten or harass a whistleblower, or transfer the whistleblower to an undesirable job or location, or discriminate in any manner against the whistleblower, to take reprisals or retaliate as a result of the whistleblower having reported an act that is illegal or unethical, or deemed illegal or unethical unless the whistleblower is a participant in the illegal or unethical activities.
Any reprisal or threat made against a whistleblower is considered a serious breach of this policy by Roll’d and any such reprisal or threat will be dealt with by Roll’d through disciplinary measures it deems appropriate and where necessary this will include but is not limited to, dismissal. Please note that this protection applies to any person in Roll’d providing information to an investigation in accordance with this policy.


The maintenance of confidentiality is a significant aspect of ensuring potential whistleblowers come forward when they have reasonable grounds to suspect an event of malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest in an open and timely manner, without concerns of negative retaliations being made or threatened. Roll’d of is aware of this.
As a result of the importance of confidentiality, Roll’d will ensure that all reasonable steps necessary for the protection of the identity of the whistleblower or any person who assists the investigation process will be taken. These steps include but are not limited to adherence to any statutory requirements in respect of confidentiality in such disclosures. In certain situations, the disclosure of the identity or the allegation made by the whistleblower will be unavoidable, such situations include but are not limited to those which result in court proceedings pursuant to disclosures made through this policy.


Any individual with reasonable grounds to suspect that an event of malpractice, misconduct or conflict of interest has occurred in Roll’d is encouraged to report such suspicion to their manager, or if this not possible in the circumstances, the individual may alternatively raise any concern with the Francom HR Disclosure Officer by mobile (0448 672 947) and email ([email protected]) or in writing. Any items of concern may also be raised with the HR team.
All reports and allegations of malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interest made by a whistleblower must provide specific, pertinent and adequate information with regards to, amongst other things, persons, witnesses, dates, places, amounts, and other relevant information, to allow for a reasonable and focused investigation to be conducted. In a case where the whistleblower discloses his or her name, the whistleblower would be accepting an initiation of a follow-up meeting to further assess the matter. However, in the case where a whistleblower remains anonymous, there will be no follow-up meeting regarding the claim made and Roll’d will be unable to communicate with the whistleblower. As such, we encourage all whistleblowers to disclose their identity to enable communication and a follow-up meeting if further information required. For the avoidance of doubt, all claims of malpractice, misconduct, or conflicts of interests are treated on a confidential basis and whistleblowers who disclose their identity will obtain the protection afforded to them by the law and assist in the procedure of the investigation.

Procedures following the Disclosure

Once a whistleblower provides substantial and reasonable grounds for their belief that malpractice, misconduct or conflict of interests has occurred in a report or claim, an investigation of their allegations will commence as soon as possible.
All material violations and actions that may be required as a result of such investigations will be reported to the Management Team. Where the report or claim relates to a member of the Management Team, such a report will be directed to those members of the Management Team whom the complaint is not against.


All reasonable endeavours will be utilized by Roll’d to ensure Investigations are conducted in a prompt and fair manner with due regard to the nature and of the allegation and the rights of all persons involved in the allegations and Investigation. Any evidence acquired in the process of the investigation will be held securely by the Disclosure and Investigation Officer. This evidence includes but is not limited to any materials, documents or records. When all the evidence required for the investigation is received by the Disclosure and Investigations Officer, a determination will be made in relation to the pertinence of the allegation to any of the issues mentioned in this Policy.
The method appropriate for the Investigation will be determined on a case by case basis by the Disclosure and Investigation Officer and where appropriate, the Disclosure and Investigation Officer may request the assistance of an internal and/or external accounting legal specialist.
During the investigation, the Disclosure and Investigation Officer will have access to all relevant materials. This includes any materials, documents or records acquired in the investigation process. Further, during the course of the investigation, all company individuals including but not limited to directors, officers, agents and employees of the Company are required to fully cooperate with the Disclosure and Investigation Officer and any requests made for the purpose of the investigation. Moreover, all parties involved in the investigation process who becomes privy to any information in relation to the investigation, including but not limited to the Disclosure and Investigations Officer and the Managing Director, must take all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s disclosure.
In the case that the disclosure is concerning the malpractice or misconduct of the Managing Director, or any such conflict of interest, then the complaint will be discussed and investigated by other relevant parties in the management team or similar positions.


At the conclusion of any investigation made in accordance with this Policy, a report will be prepared by the Disclosure and Investigation Officer of the findings of the investigation and provided to the Managing Director. However, where the investigation and/or the disclosure is concerning the malpractice of the Managing Director, the report will instead be addressed to another relevant party in either the management team or a similar managerial position.
In the case that the final report does indeed indicate malpractice, misconduct or conflicts of interests, the final report will also include recommendations of the next steps which should be taken to prevent such malpractice, misconduct or conflict of interest from occurring again within the company.
In addition to the above, the final report shall also include recommendations in relation to remedial action which should be taken to remedy any harm of loss which may have arisen from the misconduct, malpractice or conflicts of interests. For example, Remedial actions may include but are not limited to, disciplinary proceedings against the person engaged in the offending conduct. Further, where it is necessary and appropriate, at the sole and reasonable discretion of the Management Team, a recommendation of the matter to the relevant authorities of the offending conduct.
If the whistleblower is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, a review may be requested by submitting written notice to the Disclosure and Investigation officer within fourteen (14) days of being notified of the outcome of the investigation.

Communication with the Whistleblower

Where a claim is not made anonymously, Roll’d will ensure that the whistleblower will be updated and informed of the outcomes of the investigation of the claim. This communication and updates will be made insofar as Roll’d can do so with due consideration to the privacy and rights of those persons whom the allegations were made against and in a manner, which does not impede the legal requirement of procedural fairness.

Last update 23 February 2020

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