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A zesty trip to Vietnam awaits with our new Roll'd Vietnamese Tumeric, Lemon & Dill Dressing. Shake and splash your salads or proteins with Hanoi-inspired goodness in every drop – you'll be dressing to impress. Vietnam-easyServes: 2Prep time: 15 minutesCook…

A quick and easy meal in under 15 minutes! Try our Phở Xào (Stir-Fry Noodles) recipe using our Roll’d Phở Noodles.

We’re celebrating 10 years of slurping Phơ, chomping Bao and crunching Bánh Mì
with our Roll’d fam.

Aside from being absolutely delicious, it ’s a culinary sensation with a deep history behind it...

To all the Phở-lovers from all walks of life, do you sip it, slurp it, swirl it or savour it?...