Flights are still grounded. But your cravings aren’t. And not just hunger for delicious food. The craving for adventure.

Fast, fresh Vietnamese that goes beyond the borders. Bold flavours that deliver a taste of tradition. Steaming Noodle Soups that awaken that free spirit. Hearty Rice bowls that offer warmth, comfort and escape. For lunch, dinner and everything in between: every bite is a first-class flight to another world. To our world. Minus the turbulence.

Destination? Vietnam.

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Noodle Soups

Spicy Beef BBH Noodle Soup

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Chicken Curry Noodle Soup

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Prawn Dumpling & BBQ Pork Noodle Soup

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Answer the call to adventure. And satisfy your cravings, too. Find your nearest Roll’d store to take your taste buds on that Vietnamese trip you’ve been craving. Safe travels!


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