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our partnerships.

To us, family is everything. And not just Mama Hoang. Our family extends across many communities – local, national and international. These are people that strengthen us. Without them, we wouldn’t be the Roll’d we are today. To thank them for their support, we provide our own. We give back. By paying it forward.
Melbourne United NBL BasketBall


NBL Basketball

The kind of dribbling that isn’t to do with eating Soldiers®. We are a proud sponsor of the talented Melbourne United team. And the best part? A win for them is a win for you, too. Find out why.


Super Rugby

Rebels that play nice. With extra spice. Together, we celebrate the power of fresh, nutritious food and exercise through team sport. They have our backs, and we have theirs. Tackle the details below.

community partnerships.

As an extended family, our partners mean the world to us. And we’re thrilled to impact their worlds, for the better. Check out the other initiatives we’re rolling out in the local community.

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