Pho Noodle Soups


Phở, it’s Vietnam’s national dish for a reason. Warm, hearty and comforting. Best served hot on a cool winters day. If there aren’t splashes on your chin when you’ve finished. You’re not doing it right. Fill your bowl (and belly) with one of our five vibrant Phở flavours today!


Our Mixed Beef & Chicken and Sliced Rare Beef Phở is sure to keep you toasty. But if you fancy something meat-free, get slurpin’ on our Mushroom & Tofu bowl. Hearty and packed with protein, for herbivores and meat eaters alike.

Maybe you’re after something low in fat but high in flavour? Our Shredded Chicken Phở bowl contains less than 1% fat and is chick-a-block with warming spices and nourishing herbs.

Have you tried the Seafood diet? By that, we mean see food and eat it, of course. Barramundi, prawns and dried shrimp taste even better in a fragrant Phở. Find them all in our Seafood bowl.


• Noodle soups are a great and easy way to keep hydrated during winter.

• Our Shredded Chicken Phở bowl contains less than 1% fat
but packed with flavour.

• A bowl of Phở, Chicken Curry or Spicy Beef BBH is not
just good for the gut, it’s good for the soul.

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