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What's Our Meal Box?

At Roll’d, we live for food and family. Without our ancestors passing down traditional recipes and skills to younger generations, we couldn’t deliver the crunchy, crispy, zesty Roll’d you love today. And now, it’s your turn. We want you to be a part of our journey, a part of our family – which is why we created Meal Boxes. So you can invite a splash of our Vietnamese heritage into your home, as easy to prepare as it is to eat.

Vietnamese Meal Box | Spicy Beef | Roll'd Australia

Each box contains the essential ingredients to cook four servings of one signature Roll’d dish. Perfect for a small family, or for you and a housemate (with leftovers for the next day!). All ingredients are pre-cut, chopped, and washed. You just need to supply the basics, like oil and water.

That’s it. We’re ready. You’re about to experience the traditions of Vietnamese cooking, right from your own kitchen. Excited? Hungry? Good. Let’s get started.

How it works.

Vietnamese Meal Box | Step one Icon | Roll'd Australia

Step One

Choose your preferred meal box.
Vietnamese Meal Box | Step two Icon | Roll'd Australia

Step Two

Select your preferred delivery date and time. Preferably when your neighbour can see it being delivered and can get total food envy.
Vietnamese Meal Box | Step three Icon | Roll'd Australia

Step Three

Follow the instructions in the box, or watch the tutorials on our website.
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Meal Box Menu

Prepared by You


What do I do when I receive my Meal Box?

If you’re not cooking it straight away, be sure to refrigerate (up to one day). Otherwise, unpack your box, and hop onto our website to view the video tutorial!

Where do you deliver to?

Find our delivery zones here

Is this a subscription service?

No, each delivery is a one-off delivery. Order as few or as many times as you like.

How many serves in each Meal Box?

Each Meal Box contains four (4) serves. Cook for the family, or save the leftovers for tomorrow. Either way, it’s win-win.

Can I increase or decrease the amount of ingredients?

No. We just provide four (4) servings per Meal Box for now.

What if I’m not home?

We can safely leave your box at your door, but you’ll need to refrigerate all ingredients within one hour after delivery. Upon purchase, we offer the option to choose a delivery date & time that works best for your schedule.

Do I have to pre-order?

No. All ingredients inside each Meal Box are freshly prepared by your nearest Roll’d store, so we only require an hour’s notice. You don’t need to pre-order days in advance – we get that the universe has other plans sometimes. We’re here to deliver!

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order.

What if I want to order multiple boxes to use throughout the week?

Our food items can be stored in the fridge for up to one day but with delivery and fresh ingredients, why not just pre-order it on the day!

I’m no MasterChef. How hard will it be to prepare the meals?

We feel you. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it simple. Forget cutting, chopping, peeling and marinating – all those hard yards have been done for you. Almost all the meals only require boiling water, assembling ingredients and a little light pan frying. Plus, our video tutorials are there to guide you through every step.

Do I need any additional ingredients?

We provide you with everything you need, except for the bare basics like cooking oil and water (depending on which box you choose).

Do you cater for vegetarian or vegan requirements?

This will depend on each box! You can view each box's allergen and dietary requirements by clicking on each box's instruction page.

Do you cater for other dietary requirements such as Gluten or Dairy free?

Unfortunately we are unable to curate each box for specific dietary requirements. You can view our list of ingredients and allergens by clicking on each box's instruction page.


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