Eat Good


A fresh bite starts with a fresh idea: To make yum, you have to think yum. Like Mama Hoang, we’re huge foodies. For generations, she’s known that healthy food is a part of healthy living. Our passed down recipes have been made to ensure we all eat our greens. And our reds, purples, yellows, and sides.


Noodle Salad

Bún. Short word, with a lot packed in. Hailing from Hanoi, the Bún basics include soft, chilled vermicelli rice noodles. Crisp veggies. Fried shallots. A hint of mint. And a drizzle of Nuoc Mam sauce. On the outside, our Bún bowls look light. Dive in, and you can find up to 38g of protein per serve. As for fats: on average, traditional fast food contains 13g saturated fat. Our Bún bowls? 2.9g per serve. Nice


Rice Paper Rolls

Soldiers®. Parcels of punchy flavour, all roll’d up. Crammed with cool, crisp ingredients. Leafy herbs. And soft vermicelli noodles. Like the rice paper it’s wrapped in, these rice noodles are also naturally gluten-free. We have a dozen flavours available. To suit any taste. We even offer Low Carb Soldiers®, with 45% less carbs than regular Soldiers®. That’s a wrap.

eat good. FEEL GOOD.


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