Banh Mi


Bite into a Roll’d Bánh Mì and taste what all the fluff is about. A lightweight, healthy option, served in Vietnam since the 1950s. Sliced lengthways, packed with succulent protein. Creamy Pate. Served on a bed of fresh veg and cradled in a baguette that’s soft on the inside, crispy on the outside. Just the way a good Bánh Mì should be. Trust us, we’ve chomped a few.

hand made fresh to order

Crunchy: That’s the sound of crispy veg. Fluffy: Wedged between a fresh bun. Lathered in creamy mayo. Tastier: Packed with juicy protein and marinated in zesty sauce. Bánh Mì: That’s lunch, with all boxes ticked. Handmade and fresh to order.

It’s time for a Roll’d call

Because our Bánh Mì range puts flavour on full blast. Starting with the classics. We’re taking pork. Say hello to Roast Pork Belly and Roast Pork and Crackling. These two pack a punch, and a crunch.
Looking for protein, made from plants? Try out an old favourite with our Tofu Bánh Mì, or get to know the zesty new kid on the block, Vegan Lemongrass Chilli ‘Chicken’ Bánh Mì. 
Sweet and tangy. Look no further than BBQ Chicken and Lemongrass Beef. And for a Bánh Mì experience that leaves all others shaking in their buns, our Vietnamese Shaking Beef is not to be missed. Variety to satisfy every palette. Every time.



Crispy crust. Fluffy inside. Stuffed with succulent protein. Buttery mayo. Fresh veggies. And coriander. Our signature Viet-style baguette that’s not just easy on the stomach.

On the heart, too. Excessive trans fat intake is hard on cardio health. Highly processed foods are typically drenched in trans fat. But not ours. In fact, the most trans fat in our Bánh Mì is 0.3g. Which leaves you to focus on the more important things. Like the eating.