We celebrated the opening of our new store in Enex100, Perth, with Free Food Day! Inviting the public to grab any two free rice paper rolls of their choice, our first customer ‘rolled’ up at 9:30am, one and a half hours early!

We love this kind of enthusiasm and it set a positive tone for the rest of the day. Our dedicated team of rollers started cooking at 4am, rolling the 1800+ rice paper rolls required for the event. One staff member rolled all day from the front bench, showing customers how our signature rice paper rolls come together and adding a little theatre to the experience.

The quality of the rice paper rolls was exceptional! We enjoyed an overload of positive feedback from our customers which ensured plenty of cheers and high fives throughout the Rolld team.

Looking at the huge grins across everyone’s faces, I think it’s safe to say Rolld will feel right at home at Enex100.

Thinking about joining the Rolld family?

Email us at franchise@rolld.com.au.

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