Rolld has already been acknowledged by BRW as one of 2015’s fastest starting businesses, but the year is far from over for the team at Rolld!

Before the New Year, several more stores, featuring two new store concepts, are set to make it even easier for Rolld fans to get their hands on the deliciously addictive Vietnamese food.

New Rolld stores are set to launch at Chadstone Shopping Centre, Westfield Knox Shopping Centre, Plenty Valley and Frankston in Victoria; 140 Williams Street and Enex 100 Shopping Center in WA, plus, there is a second new store at Sydney airport at Terminal 2.

These newest stores will combine two new store concepts; a kiosk and casual dine- in.

Rolld kiosks are a pared back version of the popular Rolld format – with colourfully tempting food display cabinets occupying the majority of the shop front space, with a large rolling and food preparation area where the Rolld team will make their much- loved Vietnamese dishes, fresh daily.

These kiosks are designed to be a visual theatre, where fresh, fragrant ingredients are the stars – to create your favourite Rolld menu items right before your eyes.

The first kiosk is set to open at the Westfield Knox Shopping Centre, not far from the current Rolld store at Knox Ozone on Friday 27th November 2015.

For a more casual dine-in experience, Rolld will be launching a brand extension called ‘Rolld Kitchen’.

The Rolld Kitchen will offer an extension of the popular Rolld menu, with an exciting new range of sup mi (Viet noodle soup), com tam (broken rice), banh xeo (Viet pancake), nuong (grills) and introducing a shared plate that includes a selection of cuon (rice paper rolls), spring rolls, goi (Viet salad), crispy chicken ribs and crispy school prawns.

Customers will be seated with menus and table service will add extra convenience.

The home of the first official Rolld Kitchen outlet will be 140 William St in Perth, which is set to open on 15th December.

“Expect a space that is significantly larger than regular Rolld stores (up to twice as big), with seating capacity for 60+ happy diners. It was a chance for us to re-think strategically”, says Founder and CEO, Bao Hoang.

“The Rolld Kitchen brand is to address a huge demand from our loyal customers about casual dining, especially for families. We want customers to have the Rolld family experience whether with your family or friends”, says Marketing Director, Christina Murrell.

Read the article on QSR media here or on Franchise Business here or on Business News here.

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