San Churro decided to recall its new San Churro’s Grande Classic Mug (large yellow mug) due to product malfunction that may cause it to break in use. Customers who have purchased a Grande Classic Mug were asked to return the mug to the nearest San Churro store for a full refund and complimentary Spanish hot chocolate.

Hooters added photos of the new Hooters Townsville opening soon.

Paleo Café hinted at the identity of its new General Manager, by revealing that he was a successful franchisee in 2 separate brands (including a food brand) for 20 years in total; he has been a very effective and successful General Manager in Franchisor companies, taken brands international and is an avid fitness enthusiast having competed in over 50 marathons and ultra-marathons.

Rolld. Vietnamese Street Food opened its newest store at Sydney International Airport.

Read the full article on QSR Media here.

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