What’s the secret to the perfect rice paper roll? We asked some of Melbourne’s top food bloggers to take the challenge at our Rolld blogger event on Monday 19th October.

Ricky from @forksake and Katrina from @KATNT were in attendance, arriving to a welcome of iced tea. Our guests didn’t have much time to relax before we set them up with rolling mats and all the star ingredients that go into our signature rice paper rolls.

Queenie, the face of Rolld, gave us a bit of background into the history of the brand and the Hoang family story before introducing us to Mama and Papa Hoang themselves!

Then we got rolling. During our first foray into creating the perfect rice paper roll, we used garlic prawns as the main flavour. The prawns gave our rolls a delicious spicy sweetness. Papa Hoang came around giving everyone tips and tricks as to how best to roll, making it look way too easy!

The second flavour was BBQ chicken. Slightly smoky, the BBQ chicken packed a flavour punch. These rolls were accompanied by Mama Hoang’s specially made hoisin sauce which was fabulous. She also made another sauce that Queenie refereed to as ‘smelly sauce,’ but it definitely tasted much better than it smelled!

After all this rolling practice, it was time for us to take what we learned and apply it in the ultimate “roll off,” a competition to determine who could roll two soldiers the quickest. One of our guests, Jemina (pictured by @forksake), was the clear winner, her rice paper rolls were definitely the best looking as well!

Buoyed by the excitement of the rolling competition it was time relax with a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe) which went down a treat!

Opening up the Rolld family to those who also share a passion for food was an amazing experience to be part of. It was great to see everyone so enthusiastic about our food as we are, and we definitely feel like we’ve added a new chapter to the Rolld family story.

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