Pho-natics rejoice! In this episode Quinnie and Mama Hoang scour the shelves of their favourite Asian grocer to reveal the key ingredients that make Mama’s specialty so special!

Whether you’re first generation Vietnamese or an Aussie kid to the core, good food and good company are the key ingredients to living life to the (joy)fullest! Feed Joy is a family-made feast of street food stories and fresh perspectives, helping you discover new ways to nourish health and happiness and inspire joy in your life every day.

Featuring Mama Hoang, the matriarch with the most, and starring Quinnie Hoang – the fresh face of the Rolld family franchise (plus a few special guests to boot!).

Quinnie Hoang (Sister of Rolld Co-founder & CEO Bao Hoang) – Host
Mama Hoang (Mother of Quinnie and Bao) – Co-Host
Bruce Williams (Creative Director at Bastion Brands) – Director
Daomay Keo (Masterkeo Film) – Camera/Audio
Thao Luong (Digital Designer at Rolld Australia) – B Cam/Editing
Christina Murrell (Marketing Director at Rolld Australia) – Producer
Mark Ross (Account Executive at Bastion Brands) – Producer
Amy Strang (Graphic Designer at Bastion Brands) – Producer
Tin Ly (Co-founder and Head of Product Development at Rolld Australia) – Food Preparation
Special thanks to TANG Asian Food Emporium in Melbourne

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