It's Our 10th Birthday! Rollin' Since 2012 Cheers To 10 Years It's Our 10th Birthday! Rollin' Since 2012 Cheers To 10 YearsIt's Our 10th Birthday! Rollin' Since 2012 Cheers To 10 Years It's Our 10th Birthday! Rollin' Since 2012 Cheers To 10 Years

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Meal Boxes


At Roll’d, we live for two things: food and family. For generations, recipes have passed down from mother to son. Uncle to niece. Grandparent to grandchild. It is this age-old commitment that has allowed us to deliver the crispy, zesty, authentic Roll’d that you love today.

Now, we want you to share in that tradition, too. That’s why we created Meal Boxes. As an invitation into our heritage. To lift the lid on our history, and taste it for yourself.

The best part? It’s as easy to prepare as it is to eat.


are you hungry yet?

Let’s unbox how this works.

Each Meal Box contains all the ingredients you need to whip up four (4) servings of one signature Roll’d recipe. Ideal for a small family. Or you and a hungry housemate (with leftovers for the next day. Win.).

Everything is pre-cut, chopped and washed. Just supply the basics – oil and water. That’s it.

Our Meal Box is your ticket to experience Vietnamese cooking traditions, without leaving the kitchen. Excited? Same. Hungry? Good. Let’s cook.


how it works.

Roll'd Meal box step 1

Pick a Meal Kit flavour. There are four to choose from!

Roll'd Meal box step 2

Select a delivery date & time. Preferably when your neighbours can see. Maximise that food envy.

Roll'd Meal box step 3

Follow the instructions in the Meal Box. Or watch our tutorials.

prepared by you.


  • Do you offer catering?

    Definitely. Check in with our catering crew here.

  • Can I customise my order?

    We don’t want anyone missing out on a fast, fresh Vietnamese feast. If you want to request a few adjustments, we recommend customising your order via our free Roll’d app. That way, it lands directly with our kitchen team. Schedule the order for pick-up. Then congratulate yourself on winning at life.

  • Do you cater to vegans and vegetarians?

    Yes. We have a ton of options that are plant-based and/or meat-free. Take a look at the Nitty Gritty  details. Please don’t drool on it.

  • What is your vegan chicken made from?

    It’s a textured plant protein. Made from soy. With love.

  • What are your Gluten Free options?

    You can click over to our Nitty Gritty to see our low gluten menu options. They do not include gluten-containing ingredients however there may be traces of gluten found due to the food handling process.

    Our menu and processes are constantly evolving with the introduction of new ingredients. While we continue to separate gluten from non-gluten containing ingredients, our kitchens are open plan and our service is fast-paced, so we cannot guarantee there will be no cross-contact between ingredients during the food handling processes and on food preparation areas. We therefore do not use the term ‘Gluten Free’ on our menu.