We’re starting 2016 with a bang! Recently featured in the Australian Financial Review, our co-founder Bao Hoang revealed plans to expand into the Philippines, alluding to long term goals of cracking markets in the United Kingdom and United States.

After selling between 5 and 6 million rice paper rolls per year and employing more than 700 people, Bao identifies the company’s biggest challenge as the fast-paced expansion, meaning there is a lot of exciting growth on the horizon for Rolld this year.

Business aside, Bao maintains that “you’ve got to keep focused on developing your team and a culture that works,” meaning that the Rolld family is as important as ever to the company’s success.

If you have a subscription to the Australian Financial review, you can read the full article here.


Thinking about joining the Rolld family?

Email us at franchise@rolld.com.au.


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