At Rolld our franchisees are like family. We think it’s part of the reason we won the QSR 2015 Multi Site Restaurant of the Year award last month. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Craig Mawdsley, owner of Rolld Southern Cross Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, has to say about being a member of the Rolld family.

From little things, big things grow
“I was an accountant for three years before I started with Rolld,” says Craig. “I always wanted to run my own business and completing three years of accounting allowed me to see many business strengths and weaknesses. I saw the growth of Rolld’s first store close to my work and thought ‘this model could really work’ and decided I wanted to be a part of it.”

“Being involved early interested me as I wanted to grow my business skills with the franchise, while also being a part of helping Rolld grow,” says Craig. “ I also liked the type of store I was able to buy; a Monday to Friday lunchtime business that allowed for work-life balance. Finally, I thought providing fresh, healthy Vietnamese food would have some great staying power in the market.”

Rolld was just a year old when Craig joined us in 2013 – and we’ve experienced extreme growth since then. We now have 30 Rolld stores nationwide and recently signed our first international master franchise in the Philippines. For us, having people like Craig on the journey has made all of this possible.

Culture is our core
The Rolld culture is what makes our business stand out from the crowd. The brand was actually inspired by Bao Hoang’s family recipes and fortunately for us, this appealed to Craig: “I met Bao one of Rolld’s founders, about four or five months before we opened our store. When I first met him I could see that he had a real passion for Rolld and that he was keen to share his family’s food with Australia. His focus was on making Rolld a household name and he wanted to do this through partnering with people like myself.”


The benefits of working like a family
“The draw of franchising is that you don’t have to start everything from scratch. You can use a model that’s been set up before – procurement, product development, marketing and branding are all done for the franchisee,” says Craig. “Before I bought in I could see that customers liked the model. Also, because some tasks are completed on a group basis, there’s usually a better economy of scale.”

Rolld offers a comprehensive training program for new franchisees, which spans eight weeks (four before opening and four after) and prepares them to operate and manage their store successfully. So not too long until they can start making money but not too short to skimp on quality training. When a new store opens, the franchisee is offered at least two support staff to guide and train them and their staff for two weeks, with ongoing support provided from an allocated area manager. Store structures and management tools are also tailored specifically to suit each store, their layout and location. New franchisees are never left until both Rolld and the franchisee are 100% comfortable to run it alone.

“Rolld was patient in allowing me time to seek finance for my store. Their training was first rate in showing me how to run a successful store from day one. The culture is one of teamwork with all the stores working together to make the whole group a success,” says Craig.

“The Rolld family have been good to me. The founders and senior team have always been easily accessible and helped trouble shoot if there have been problems from time to time. They have celebrated when the store has gone well and revved me up when I needed it.”


The qualities we look for
Craig has some advice for those considering joining the Rolld family:

“You have to be positive, determined to make it work and you need to take initiative.” Says Craig. “You have to be someone who can really take ownership of their store and drive its performance. You should enjoy running and managing your own thing.”

The benefits of this hard work are in flexibility, being your own boss, having ownership of your store and the chance to build your own team. Having recently joined Rolld Head Office as an analyst, Craig hopes to now help the wider company grow, while doing the same for his store, Rolld Southern Cross Lane.

Thinking about joining the Rolld family?

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