After 15 years of working in corporate finance with major chartered accounting firms, Jenny Rayner decided she wanted a career change. Led by a desire to have her own business and work with a product or service she was passionate about, she set about making it happen. Rayner, owner of Rolld Chadstone, shares her experience of becoming a female entrepreneur.

The right opportunity at the right time

“I was introduced to Bao Hoang, one of the Rolld founders, just as the Chadstone site became available and I jumped at the opportunity as I knew that Rolld would do very well in a food court of a busy shopping centre” says Rayner, who was familiar with the company having previously worked near the Rolld Goldsborough Lane store in Melbourne.

“I also admired Bao and his fellow Rolld founders’ (Ray and Tin) passion for Vietnamese food, along with their focus on sharing their love of Vietnamese food with others and making Rolld a well-known brand in the food space.”

Inspired by the Rolld team and their approach to business, she joined their franchise family as the owner of Rolld Chadstone.

A big job running this small business

“Yes, Chadstone is big and busy and that’s what I love about it,” says Rayner of her Rolld store in Chadstone, the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. “We get our regulars every day, who work at the centre, as well as new customers coming through. Customers are willing to wait a few minutes when they know that their meals are being prepared fresh every time.”

With a team of approximately 30 staff on her roster and eight to ten staff on duty at any one time, Rayner notes that a good team and positive work culture are essential to the success of a business: “I have built a strong team, many of which have been with me since we first opened in October 2013. It is important to have a happy team as this makes operating the business a lot easier and creates a good vibe, which customers notice.”

The art of balance

As most business owners would know, mastering work/life balance is a fine art. It’s something that Rayner says she initially struggled with but overcame by introducing structure and routine to her life and with the support of trustworthy staff.

“Planning is key to juggling business and family. It’s hard work and at first the balance was not great, but I realised this had to change as I was spending too many late nights on background admin work. So I changed my routine and reduced my time in the store so that I could spend a couple of days working at home on admin, financials and HR tasks.  I also developed a standard plan for the week, which included what tasks needed to be done on what days. This works well as I now feel I am in control and I know things will get done if I stick to my plan.” says Rayner.

“I find I really look forward to going into the store after spending a day at home working on admin tasks as I love the interaction with the team and our customers. So it’s a good balance between being in-store, doing admin, plus allowing time for family and household chores!”

Rayner adds: “Developing a strong team is also crucial to managing your own work/life balance.  I have a strong manager and assistant manager who are great at running the store and who are my eyes and ears while I am not there. I also have a great team of staff who are reliable and responsible therefore I have confidence that they will get the job done.”

The right fit with Rolld

There are many ingredients to a owning a successful business, and Rayner says she has found them all in Rolld. “I am very happy being part of the Rolld family. Rolld has given me the opportunity to own a business I am passionate about. They also provided me with a model, which included key business processes – such as procurement, marketing etc – which I did not need to develop myself. So if you are looking for your own business but are hesitating due to the challenge of setting up all the facets of a business, then you should consider a Rolld franchise. I love the flexibility and control I now have with my work/life that I did not have as an employee working for other organisations.”


Rolld Chadstone store where Jenny runs a thriving franchise.

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