Social media is a great marketing tool for small businesses. It lets you connect and have conversations directly with your customers (both existing and potential) and allows you to show the human side of your business by sharing the stories of the people behind it.

Try these tips to help make your small business a social media sensation. 

Share what you’re about
Give customers and followers a feel for what your business is about on social media. Introduce yourself and your staff and tell them a little about yourselves. Take photos of the business. Share albums of any milestones or proud moments you and team have marked. Whether it’s your opening day celebrations, your one-year anniversary or your Christmas party, show them who you are and what makes your business so special.

Share news with your community
Did you win an industry award? Get a write up in the paper or an online magazine? Have you got a new staff member joining your team? Is there a local festival happening near your business? Tell your followers about it – it will make them feel part of what’s happening in business and community.

Keep them wanting!



You know the amazing product and services your business delivers – but why not use social media to remind your followers and friends of it? Snap photos of new products. Tempt people with descriptions and images of your offerings that will have them jumping off the couch and queuing outside your store or offices. Promote exclusive offers. Use well-shot photos that showcase the very best of your business offerings.

Keep customers informed
Are you extending your hours over summer? Closing over Christmas for a small holiday? Are there renovations happening in your space? Your customers will appreciate being up to date with any changes happening that may affect them and social media is a perfect platform to do this.

Have fun with your followers



From a celebrity stopping in, to your staff dressing up in fabulous fancy dress on Halloween, social media is a great outlet for sharing fun and unexpected moments that may happen with your followers. Just remember to take a few photos when and as they happen!

There are plenty of benefits of being on social media for small business. It just takes time, effort and creativity to implement them and reap the rewards.


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  • Great post guys! It’s so important for brands to interact with their customers on social media now. An emerging channel is Instagram, particularly in the food service space. Photos of yummy food posted at 11am get shared!!

    • Thanks for the tip Michael! We’re glad you enjoyed the blog, and we couldn’t agree more about the importance of engaging your audience through social media. We’ll be sure to get some great snaps of our delicious food and get posting!