Employees are the heart of service-led businesses such as Rolld. And if they aren’t feeling 100 per cent, it shows. That’s why it’s important to be in tune with your team and recognise when they may need a boost. How, you ask? Here’s what to look for and some tips on how to address it.

Read the signs

Has there been a shift in a staff member’s performance? Is your once punctual and perky employee now constantly late and short on smiles at work? Do they seem distracted, disinterested or frustrated on the job? Is it just one staff member or does the entire team that seems flat? Staff attitude and performance at work are two ways to identify that your staff may need a boost, as is the way they interact with fellow members of their team and customers.

Listen up

Communication is key when it comes to employee satisfaction. If you notice a staff member whose performance has been flagging, schedule in a chat. When you do, don’t broach the subject in a negative way, instead aim to have an open conversation with them about how they are feeling about work and if there are any ways you can support them.

For example, if your casual employee who is also a student seems more stressed than usual, make sure you’re not giving them extra shifts when they are in the middle of back-to-back exams. They may be hesitant to tell you for fear of losing future shifts. Or perhaps, unbeknownst to you, one of your long-term employees has desires to move up in the company and is upset about being overlooked for a recent promotion. Sometimes changes in performance may be due to team dynamics and some staff members responding better to one manager’s style over another’s. Or it could be as simple as a rostering request to not work every Sunday or having an extra staff member to help out on the busy Friday night shift.

Aim to have regular catch-ups with all your staff so you’re aware of what’s happening in their lives and on the work-front. Encourage an open door policy where your employees feel they can talk to you honestly about work and their needs. But be clear it’s a give and receive relationship, where their performance and pursuits must also be mutually beneficial to the business and the team as a whole.

Help them grow

If an employee has expressed a desire to grow their career with the company and you’d like to help them do that, provide them with opportunities for learning and development. Whether it’s attending industry events with you, undertaking a short course or giving them new tasks and responsibilities in-store, they are positive gestures that show you support their progression.

Show your appreciation

We all like to be acknowledged for our efforts, especially when we’ve been working hard! Never underestimate the power of simply saying ‘thank-you’. In fact, it should be something you do regularly with your team – whether it’s at your weekly meeting or with a handwritten note on their payslip. And, when you can, show your employees you appreciate their efforts: Celebrate milestones with them – such buying a cake for their birthdays. Have a Christmas party. Arrange out-of-work team building days so your employees can get to know each another in a fun, social environment. Give your team time off to do volunteer work for a charity. Shout them a lunch out if your store has been performing well or has won an award. There are endless ways to show your employees you value them.

Honesty, communication and appreciation will help you recognise not only when your staff need a boost, but when and how to deliver it.

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