We’ve pledged to raise an additional $80,000 for Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation by September 2016 to help open a new boarding school that will safely house 150 rural kids in Vietnam.


For children who live in remote regions of Vietnam, education can be a luxury. Most families rely on farming to earn a living and work hard from dawn to dusk generating an income of only $40 per month. Sadly, this means many families cannot afford to send their children to school. Instead, children must work on the family farm or find a menial job to increase the family’s income.

Children from poor rural families who drop out of school become trapped in a cycle of poverty. They are at high risk of moving to the city and living on the streets in desperate conditions. These children become easy targets for traffickers for child labour or the sex trade.

Blue Dragon supports over 800 children in rural Vietnam at high risk of quitting school due to poverty.


Xiu was from a village in the north of Vietnam. His mother left when Xiu was just 2 years old and he was sent to work when he turned 8. Xiu spent a few years doing the back breaking work of raising buffaloes with little care and no chance to go to school. He ran away, hoping for a better future in the big city.

But in Hanoi, life grew worse. He was malnourished and survived by begging on the streets. Xiu was caught by police and placed in a reform school, a place where kids living on the streets or who have got into trouble are held in detention.

When Xiu was allowed to leave the reform school, he met Blue Dragon. He moved into a Blue Dragon shelter and has since returned to his education, coming home to a safe bed every night. He is so happy to go to school and finally have a home. His younger brother is also now supported by Blue Dragon. Now in Grade 8, Xiu dreams of going to university so that he can help his family when he grows up.

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Dien Bien is a remote, mountainous area in north west Vietnam. It is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam and many children who live in this area are trafficked for forced labour or sex trade.

Boarding houses make it safer for children in this area to study. However, due to lack of these facilities, many they currently live in flimsy huts with walls made from woven, dried leaves which let in the rain, wind and cold.

Blue Dragon and local authorities identified this area as being in need of a new boarding house so more students can be accommodated in a safe and protected environment.

The new boarding house will have bedrooms to accommodate 150 kids at a time, a kitchen, a dining room and a toilet block. The boarding house is currently under construction and it will be open in time for the new school year beginning in September.

We’ve pledged to raise an additional $80,000 by September 2016 to help build this brand new boarding house. $2 of all sales from our Blue Box meal deal will be given directly to Blue Dragon to fund this project. Help us to build a better future for these children, box by box.