At Rolld we are blessed with family, friends, food and a safe home. We’re aware that others are not as fortunate, but we believe all children should have the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Rolld supports Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, an Australian charity based in Vietnam. With passion, determination and the generosity of supporters from around the world, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation rescues children in crisis and supports their long-term growth.

Not only does Blue Dragon rescue kids from their places of slavery, it also provides services tailored to the individual needs of each child: education, nutrition, health care, counselling, physical and creative activities, legal advocacy and safe shelter led by a team of social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers.

56480018Rather than simply providing a handout, Blue Dragon provides a hand-up for those who choose to better their circumstances and themselves.

“Since 2003, Blue Dragon has transformed the lives of over 68,000 children, one child at a time. Some of these children have gone on to become engineers, award winning chefs and successful small business owners.” – Michael Brosowski, AM, Founder.


When Diep was only 13 years old she was taken from her home in rural Vietnam by traffickers. She was sent 1000kms away to Ho Chi Minh City and forced to work in a garment factory for 15 hours a day. Diep was treated like a slave, lived in horrendous conditions and was told by her captors she had no way to escape.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation rescued Diep from the factory and took her home to her family. She returned to school and dreams of being an artist. She spends her free time painting and is once again able to be a child. Thanks to Blue Dragon her future is bright. 

We’ve pledged to raise an additional $80,000 for Blue Dragon through Blue Box sales to help open a new boarding school that will safely house 150 rural kids in Vietnam.

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In October 2002 Michael Brosowski, an Australian teacher, arrived in Vietnam to work at Hanoi’s National University. Within two months he found himself teaching English to a group of shoeshine boys who walked the streets hoping to earn enough money to survive. Michael and some of his university students taught weekly classes in English, maths, art and yoga to these 5-10 shoeshine boys. Soon more and more kids started to come to Michael for help, so by the end of 2003 Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation was born.

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Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is currently in the process of gaining Deductible Gift Recipient endorsed status by the Australian Taxation Office. In the meantime, Blue Dragon has partnered with AFAP, Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, please make it through AFAP using the button below.

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