Every relationship – whether personal or business – has some fundamental ingredients that are essential to making it a happy and successful one. Here are five that we at Rolld believe are key to a strong franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Loyalty and trust

There has to be loyalty and trust on both sides of the franchise relationship in order for it to be fruitful. Franchisees need to feel like they can trust the decisions and guidance of the franchisor, who in turn need to believe that franchise owners are loyal to and are doing their best for the brand.

“It’s key to understand decisions made from the franchisor’s position – you need to put yourself in their shoes,” says Craig Mawdsley, owner of Rolld Southern Cross Lane in Melbourne’s CBD and an analyst for Rolld.

While Michael Jamieson, the National Restaurant Performance Manager at Rolld, thinks the key ingredients are loyalty and trust, communication and constant support. He says: “These objectives encompass a long-lasting relationship that will assist in developing a successful partnership for both ends. “

Communication and support

Jamieson believes that all the key ingredients come together for a successful union: “Communication and support will naturally stem from the loyalty and trust that is set in stone from the outset. This lays the foundation for comfort and openness in being able to communicate and feel or to be supported.”

Establishing clear channels of communication and scheduling regular catch-ups will also help ensure that both parties feel understood and informed.

“Be open and transparent with each other,” say Jamieson on how to make the franchisee/franchisor relationship a strong one. “Understanding the value of running a business and the key attributes required to be successful. Being transparent about all elements will help to cultivate a trusting relationship and the expectations of both parties.”

A common goal

Regardless of whether you are the franchisee or franchisor, you both should share a common goal – for the company to be a profitable and successful one.

“Focus on improving the group,” says Rolld franchisee owner Mawdsley, “the more ideas that work for your store and the group you can offer, the better the relationship will be. It’s win/win.”

In it together

“Loyalty and trust, communication and constant support are so important because it lays out a strong foundation for a hopefully long-lasting relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. This is turn will cultivate a successful business path for both parties,” says Jamieson.

Ultimately it’s about working together, supporting each other and everyone doing the best they can for the company.

Jamieson concludes: “We’re a family business and we have aligned our values accordingly. We welcome all our franchisees to the Rolld family and culture as we are all in it together to achieve a great work/life balance.”

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