When time equals money it’s essential to embrace technologies that can make business more efficient while producing more accurate outcomes.

Here are five technologies I think are worth introducing to your business.


When it comes to sharing and storing documents, photos, files and videos, it doesn’t get easier than Dropbox. This simple and secure file sharing and storage app works across smartphones, desktop and tablets.

Dropbox lets you share folders with your staff. Allowing you to collaborate and access documents on the go, while also letting you protect sensitive documents by restricting who can access and manage your folders. You can download and use Dropbox Basic (free for 2BG of space) or upgrade to a paid Business or Pro plan if you want additional features and more storage space.


Trello is a digital project planner. This highly visual app makes creating lists and plans for you and your team simple. Create digital boards – for different projects, stores or teams – where you can pin cards filled with tasks and notes. These can be shared with your team, who can comment and make changes, with additional features including the ability to add checklists, due dates, labels and create notifications to remind you about the important stuff.

Available for desktop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phones and tablets, it’s free, but the Trello Gold or Business Class versions are available for those looking for a larger suite of services.


When it comes to handy apps Skype is an oldie but a goodie. While you may be familiar with it you may not realise how much it has evolved in recent years (perhaps due to being acquired by Microsoft in 2011).

Skype is available across a range of devices – desktop, tablet, mobile, your home phone, TV and even your Xbox One. It allows you to voice and video call, instant message, share screens and files, and, most recently, host group audio calls (with up to 25 people) for free. Those looking for a little more can explore the Skype for Business, which offers extras like group calls for up to 250 people.


If you’re one of those people who collects all their receipts, shoves them in a box and dreads compiling them at the end of the financial year, the Expensify app is here to save you.

With unlimited receipt upload and storage, you can snap a photo of a receipt on your phone or simply forward it to an email receipt and Expensify will scan it and import the details of the expense for you. It can also auto-categorise expenses, is compatible with 160 currencies and taxes, and lets you compile and send expense reports with a few clicks. It’s free for individuals with paid plans for teams, corporate and enterprise users.


As your own boss it’s your role to encourage and motivate your staff, but who does that for you? The extraordinarily simple WinStreak is a productivity app that helps you celebrate the positives. Every day record your ‘wins’ – all the good things you achieved that day – and set yourself some ‘wins’ you’d like to achieve the next day. WinStreak records and tracks these, allowing you to view and share them so you can look back at your ‘wins’ over time. A handy app to help you recognise your hard work and focus on the positives, even on the worst of days.

Is there an app you can’t live without?

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