Marketing your small business doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Here are ten easy ways you can market and grow your business.

1. Get social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter – there are a range of social media platforms that can help you create an online community to support your business. They can help you to connect and share conversations directly with your customers, while also offering an insight into your business, story and expertise. Be sure to choose the platform/s best suited to your business and commit to maintaining them.

2. Sponsor a local event or organisation. Whether it’s the local girl guides, swim team or a fundraiser for a worthy cause, sponsoring a local initiative is a feel-good way to build your business reputation and be seen by those in your community.

3. Print matters. Printed marketing materials – such as pamphlets, business cards and posters – can help promote your business. For example, a restaurant could circulate printed takeaway menus or fridge magnets to businesses and homes in their local area. Customers often keep them on hand for when they want to have food home delivered.

4. Create your own content. Become your own publisher. Create content that helps promote your business in a way that is interesting, entertaining, fun or informative. Share what makes your business special and unique. For example, on the Rolld blog we share business advice, such as predictions for small business in 2016, alongside tasty Rolld food tips like how to make the perfect ca phe and what’s in a Rolld’s signature BBQ chicken rice paper roll. Redistribute your content across your social media properties and in your e-newsletter for maximum exposure.

5. Take part in local events. From streets fairs and parties to school fetes and local fundraisers, take part in events happening in your community. Your participation as a business could vary from having a stall, donating goods or services or volunteering some of your time. This will help connect you to other people, businesses and organisations in your area.

6. Maintain your website. Potential customers are often more likely to visit your website before they do your actual business. As such, make sure your website looks and functions at its best. Ensure important details (such as your business address, email, phone number and trading hours) are up to date, that your site is visually appealing, quick to load, and is mobile optimised.

7. Build a customer database.  Encourage customers to sign up to your business e-newsletter (both in-store and via your website) to be kept up to date with news, special offers and events. E-newsletters are a great way to connect with your customers and share interesting stories and news on the business with them.

8. Get on Google. Create a Google My Business listing. It can include an image, address, contact details, website, trading hours, a short description on the nature of your business and directions to your store. Your verified business will also appear on Google Maps, while customers can review and rate your business too.

9. Host events. From opening celebrations to birthday parties to special cultural events like Tết (Vietnamese New Year), hosting in-store events are a great way to attract new and existing customers to your business. Advertise the events in-store and online (on your social media and website) and offer special deals to support it, alongside entertainment or other attractions that may appeal to customers.

10. Generate some PR. Got an interesting story to tell about your business? Did your business recently mark a milestone, win an award or receive a celebrity endorsement? Review what media outlets (i.e. an industry magazine or the local paper) would consider it a good story and approach them for coverage.

What tips do you have for small businesses looking to market themselves?

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